Fairville Inn
Guests staying at the Inn can enjoy a one-hour in-room massage for the discounted price of $80(regularly $100).Selectthemassage that best suits your needs (please consult withyour body and soul before choosing):

Therapeutic Massage-- A rejuvenating massage with firm pressure to relieve stress and tension,including range of motion and stretching for mobility enhancement.

Relaxation Massage -- A massage performed with lighter pressure, including long body strokes.It's a great way to unwind at the end of your day and designed to make you sleep soundly and awake rested and ready to enjoy the day.

Couples Massage -- Spending the night with your spouse or significant other? Couples can enjoy massages at the same time and select the massage of their choice. Two certified therapists are availableto for simultaneous body work.

Unless you decline (but who would), every session ends with a very special foot therapy massage accompanied by a peppermint and lemon peel lotion. Your feet and footwear will thank you.

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What Our Guests Are Saying

"After staying at the Fairville Inn, I really regret all the times I visited Chadds Ford and stayed at a traditional hotel instead of a B&B. From now on, I'm coming here instead. The room and private porch, breakfast,antique shop upstairs -- I love this Inn!! Very relaxing, private. Don't change a thing!"

"Thanks for everything. Beautiful setting, great company, and wonderful food. We enjoyed every moment."